Cashless Wristbands

We are taking the guest experience to the next level with Intellitix’s world-class, bank-certified cashless payment system.

Cashless Wristbands

Cashless technology provides a fast, convenient, and secure method of payment for guests to make purchases at the event.

No need to fumble with cash or wait for credit card transactions to process. By drawing funds directly from your cashless account, transactions are processed immediately to reduce your wait time!


Think of a cashless account as a pre-paid account, and your RFID wristband as the key to that account. The funds you top-up are stored in this account, and each time you tap your wristband to make a purchase, the amount will automatically be deducted from your account balance.
  • Ability to top-up your account in advance, saving you time from visiting a “Top-Up Station” at the event,
  • Email notifications of all your top-up and purchase transactions.
  • Tracking of your on-site purchases.
  • Automatic refund after the event (for any leftover credit from online top-ups – refund requests from cash top-ups onsite must be submitted from a registered account)
  • If you ever lose or break your wristband, customer service will be able to cancel and re-issue you a new wristband and transfer your account balance – but only if you are registered.

Register a new account for each wristband if you want to keep your spending separate. Assign a wristband to each of your buddies and have them each create a new account with their wristband numbers. You can also create a Shared Cashless Account.

There are two ways to top-up your cashless account, but we always recommend topping-up before you arrive: Before the Festival – Once you’ve created your cashless account and linked your wristband, you can top-up your account at any time, either from your computer or smart phone. At the Festival – You can top-up at one of the onsite Top-Up Stations located throughout the event grounds, and trained staff will be on-hand to help you through the process. If you’ve registered your cashless account, you can top-up at any time right from your smart phone!

Now that you’ve topped-up your account, you can make cashless purchases for food, drinks and merchandise at the event. Once you’re at a vendor location:

  • Tap your wristband on the RFID reader.
  • Place your order with the staff.
  • Tap your wristband a second time to confirm your transaction.

The amount will automatically be deducted from your account. It’s that easy!

The only way you can share credit is to have those wristbands as part of a shared account. Wristbands can only be added to a shared account prior to having been topped-up or registered to an individual account.
No, you cannot split payment for an item. Only one wristband can be used to open the transaction, and that same wristband must be used to close and confirm the purchase. This is a security feature to ensure the purchaser is in control of their own spending.
If your wristband is registered to a cashless account, you can log in and check your balance at any time. Or, simply tap your wristband at any payment point or Customer Service location and your cashless balance will be visible from the reader.
The “Freeze” feature, which is only available to registered users, allows you to “freeze” a lost or stolen wristband so no further purchases can be made. You can freeze your wristband from the “Wristbands” tab of your cashless account, and can unfreeze by clicking the button a second time. Or, visit any Customer Service station for assistance.